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Project Announcements

Combined Sewer Separation Project 61-04D83-12

2023 LTCP Phase 2 Improvements
Montpelier, Indiana

Project Synopsis

Currently, both sewer and storm drain water go to the treatment plant. This project will allow for separation of the two. When complete, the separation will eliminate the storm water going to the treatment plant, reducing the cost and volume of water being treated.

The project consists of the installation of approximately 8,000 lineal feet of mainline RCP storm sewer pipe, pre-cast storm manholes, storm inlets, approximately 1,500 lineal feet of associated inlet piping, backfill, approximately 300 lineal feet of regrading of an existing open drainage ditch, removal of existing comminutor and associated items, installation of chopper pump conversion kits on existing submersible pumps, erosion control, maintenance of traffic, and site restoration.

Project Announcement

Read the full project announcement below. 

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